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ARe you doing everything you can, but it doesn't seem enough?  Are you confused about what to do next or who you can trust?


As a fee only financial counseling practice, we work for you, and you alone.  We do not sell any products or receive any commissions.  Although we help clients with money management,  money itself is rarely the goal.  Financial goals are as varied as we are.  Perhaps it's peace of mind, or security, or an opportunity to provide for all your family's needs.  Maybe it's to survive a life transition, to get out of debt, or even to plan for college or a home.purchase.  Whatever your goals are, sometimes we get stuck and need a little guidance to get there.  Financial decisions can be surrounded by uncertainty, fear and confusion.  Guiding Financial, LLC is here to remove the doubt and to guide you as you create the life you desire.

 Financial counseling provides a structure to help you make financial changes to your life.  Through a series of one on one meetings,  Cindy Kleiner, the financial counselor,  will assist you in clarifying your goals, ascertaining where you are today, and determining the steps to get the life you desire.  Then when the hard work begins to implement the steps, we'll be there to partner with you along the way.  

financial peace of mind

It's one of the most important things we can strive for, but it's also the one of the most overlooked.  Here at Guiding Financial, LLC you will feel empowered to create the world you want, one step at a time.   We will guide you in making decisions that bring your financial life in line with your personal values.

​Cindy Kleiner,  

Certified Financial Counselor

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Cindy Kleiner  is a Certified Financial Counselor who meets with individuals and families to help them bring their finances in alignment with their values.

Cindy graduated with honors from Kansas State University with a MS in Family Financial Planning and Counseling along with a BA in Accounting and Management from Tulane University

Her personal style of compassion, knowledge, and non-judgment has helped hundreds of families attain financial peace of mind through her ten year involvement with community based nonprofits.

Creating the life you desire